Monday, October 29, 2012

At 18 months you....

*sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "ABCs" almost constantly
*can verbally communicate easily with your parents
*sometimes stick your tongue out to signal "yes" (unsure where that came from)
*love to get the mail, looking both ways down the street and saying "no cars!"
*love going to church and Sunday school class more than almost anything in the world
*still take two naps, despite efforts to consolidate into one
*sometimes will announce when your diaper needs to be changed
*appear to be quite tall for your age, though you haven't been measured lately
*wear mostly 24 month clothes, though the shirts and pants are sometimes too short
*eat like a champ
*adore "the girls", Kelsey and McKayla Corder, whom you stay with during the day
*love to color, wrap your puppy up in a blanket and rock it, get your teeth brushed, and look through books
*get all excited about Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa Blanshan, Auntie Anne, and Granddaddy Dill, but become very quiet once they are actually on the screen
*are shy in public
*can count to 13, though you very rarely say the number 5
*have long enough hair to pull into a ponytail
*are the prettiest, most wonderful, fun little girl ever, in the unbiased opinion of your mother


Anonymous said...

She is so adorable!