Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Blanshan Thanksgiving

As an initiation to the Blanshan clan a few weeks, I was invited to my first Thanksgiving celebration with them. This is no ordinary family get-together; it is an event. The whole crew descends on the tiny town of Madelia, MN for several days of food, fellowship, parties, and music. This years' reported head count was 71. Here's a few snapshots of the festivities.
descriptions of pics in order of appearance:
1. Me holding the super-cute Oliver
2. Barbara and Paul's kiss during their surprise 40th anniversary celebration
3. Music time with Suzanne, Brenda, and Dale
4. Bob and his adorable Grandma June
5. Bob's immediate family, including spouses and kids
6. Filling out the annual surveys that eventually are posted on the Blanshan website