Friday, April 26, 2013

At 2 years old you....

*have crazy, curly hair that grows in all directions, but faster in the back
*have 18 teeth
*sleep about 10.5 hours at night and take one nap for 2-3 hours
*will eat most anything, and lots of it
*are scared of the blender, the mixer, the vacuum, and other things that plug in and make a loud noise
*wear size 3T or 4T clothes
*have tall and wide feet, making it nearly impossible to find you shoes
*are quite feminine in the way you move and the things you like
*get pretty jealous if your mom holds another child or snuggles too close to your dad
*when asked if you want a brother or sister, you say sister every time
*like to play puzzles (especially the tiger puzzle a hundred times a day), read books, chase chickens and cats
*talk non-stop to your parents, but clam up in a crowd
*hop and skip to most places, instead of walking
*know dozens of songs and dance moves
*know how to work your parents' phones to get to the pictures and videos, which are all of you
*are interested in the potty training concept until it comes time to sit on the seat