Sunday, June 10, 2007


Geez louise, life has been busy lately. I'm going to sum up the last month or so just to give an update, but these blogs end up sounding so self-centered that I'm going to try to make it quick.

I went to a Caedmon's Call concert, one of my favorite bands. I had planned on meeting people there, but they were going to be late There were these people on our row saving 4 seats, and everybody and their brother asked us if they were taken. We weren't saving them, so we deferred the question. There were very few seats left in that church that seats about 2000 other than those four in our row. Lo and behold, right at the beginning of the concert, our friends walk in, greet the people saving the seats, and sit down next to us. We were all looking for the same people. What are the chances?

That's a question I've asked quite a bit lately. What are the chances? I'm in a 6-week bio- statistics course, and it's taken about 80% of my spare time. We're nearing the end and I am grateful for that. I just am not a math person, though I think I'm holding my own in this course. Just trust me when I say that most stats that you hear or read are trash. I'll be grateful for July and the beginning of August when I won't be in school AT ALL.

Speaking of July, it is going to be one wild ride! I'll be in Honduras with the College Hills youth group for a week, and spend a split-week in Lebanon on either side of that. I'm working almost every day I'm in Rochester, and sometime in there I'm going to pack and move into a different apartment. My current roommate Amy is leaving me. Sadness. I'm not going to think about it now, other than to cherish the few days we have left together.

I started working with a nursing intern at Mayo last week. She's doing the same internship I did two years ago. TWO YEARS AGO?! Madness. I'm so pumped about working with her. SO much fun to have someone to work with, to teach, to become friends with. We'll be working side by side all summer.

Backing up to May, I went to Searcy for a week. I am blessed beyond belief to have so many good friends. Not just acquaintances, but life-friends. Not just one or two, but many. I say this just to give God praise for letting me associate with such wonderful people. I love my friends. I also love my professors. One of them told me she prays for me by name every day. She said she had a little list of special people who had stuck out to her over the years. I was on that list. The honor of that act and the sincerity of her commitment to prayer brought tears to my eyes.

Flipping back to Rochester, I've become seriously attached to my small group here in Rochester. We meet every two weeks, and I just love it. Amy and I are the youngest people by a good 15 years, but they treat us like complete equals. I'm so sad when I can't be there.

I've also become quite attached to my church. After many difficult months of searching, I've found a home. Though most of Harding would just DIE if they ever came to this church of Christ, I love it. Definitely took some minor adjustments on my part, but I'm so grateful for the challenge, acceptance, growth, and excitement about God that I've found there. Hallelujah.

My family is coming to visit in two weeks. The North country calls us, I believe. However, reservations of any kind (other than plane tickets) are still lacking.

I went to Dallas last weekend and met with the Rwanda team. That's a whole separate entry in itself. Maybe tomorrow.

Yay for MN summers! I am relishing in the wonderfulness of this place every day. The sun rises at 5am, sets after 9pm, and southern heat and humidity is far, far away. Everything is green, the lakes are clear, and the bike paths beckon. A couple of friends and I conquered a 25-mile stretch of bike path yesterday.

So this turned out to be pretty self-centered anyway. My apologies.