Monday, April 30, 2012

At 12 months you.....

*still have eight teeth
*weigh 21.6 pounds and are 2 feet, 6 inches tall
*are walking like crazy
*can stack blocks
*successfully smashed cake all over your face for your birthday
*have tasted formally forbidden foods: cow's milk, honey, chocolate, etc
*spend most of your day wandering around pulling things off shelves
*like to be chased
*are scared of the vacuum cleaner and the mixer
*still freeze, drop to the ground, and put your face down whenever you first see Grandpa Blanshan
*eventually warm up to Grandpa Blanshan after making him work hard for your attention
*mooch for food
*ask for books all the time
*are growing up way too fast for your mommy and daddy


Jenel said...

Look at her! I need to meet this munchkin!

teaguemeyer said...

She's a cutie! Hope you are all doing well! Sarah, I look forward to the day when our families meet...whenever that will be...I look forward to it!