Sunday, October 19, 2008

Funny Quotes of the Week

A sampling of the funny quotes from the past week:

Taylor: I've had these shoes for a long time (looks intently at them). Maybe I could put a little caulk right here, and they'd be fine.

Dad: You got any tylenol?
Sarah: No.
Dad: Well, what are you good for?

Peggy: And you're Tyler?
Bob: No, his name is Taylor.
Taylor: Yeah, it's Taylor.
Peggy: That's what I said, Tyler.
Dad: Hi, I'm Ken.
Peggy: Oh, Kian.
Dad: No, Ken.

Dale: If you beat a cow when it's young, it will act that way its whole life.
Polly: Mr. Dill, is that true?
Dad: Um...I wasn't listening.

Taylor: Your legs are hairy.
Sarah: How do you know?
Taylor: I can hear 'em comin'.

Sarah: We could go to Oxbow, where they have an....animal museum.
Justin: Um, we call that a zoo, Sarah.

Taylor: One day, I let contact solution dry in my contact case, and it fermented.

Taylor: You're the perfect size to poke--not too thick it doesn't affect you, and not too skinny I think I'll break you.

Taylor: You only wish you were cool enough to have a turkey call on your phone.


me said...

Don't feel bad, Peggy...I had a similar experience. :)

Great quotes, Sarah. Aren't people just so much fun?!

Who? Oldest of six said...

I especially liked the last few quotes. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

A turkey call?! lol I liked that one.

Peggy said...

actually, Polly said Kian and I asked about the cow.

Mandy said...

I'm glad you and your family had a great visit! Sounds like a blast.

...When's my turn to visit? =)

Jennifer said...

Those quotes are hi-LARIOUS!
When I first read it, I was thinking Peggy was your mom, and I didn't understand... then I realized it said Dad, so I re-read it and understood. =)
That Taylor, he sounds like a pretty funny dude!