Monday, March 10, 2008

High and Low Points: A Weekly Report

I'm going to try to make this a new Monday tradition: a little glimpse into my life by taking a quick view at the high and low points of the previous week.

Low Point: Sunday--starting about 12pm.

You never notice how much Sunday is considered to be a "family day" until you move incredibly far away from your family. You (maybe I should just sub in 'me' here, since it is my blog...) struggle with who to sit with during service. Most people sit with their family. Should I sit by myself and if I'm lucky someone will join me? Should I awkwardly place myself on the fringes of someone else's family and pretend like I fit in?

And I never know quite what to do after church--go home by myself, or hang around long enough to be annoying so maybe someone will ask me to join them for lunch? Be bold and ask other people to lunch, just to have them say they're planning on going with their family? Or hang around long enough to be awkward and yet not get asked to join for lunch? That's what usually happens.

My church is wonderful, and I'm slightly exaggerating my normal response to these situations. Usually someone sits by me if I sit by myself. I often join other friends who have no family nearby. Sometimes I have no problem sitting by myself. I usually am just as happy to go home alone as I am joining others. But this past Sunday it just made me sad. I missed the comfortable presence of knowing who I belonged with. Combine that with the lingering winter bitterness and it was just about more than I could handle.

High Point: Monday-starting about 5pm.

Every week, I meet with a small (but growing) group of girls to discuss life, God, struggles, praises, etc. I just can't say enough good things about this group. Each woman there is a beautiful, sweet, unique testimony to the goodness of God. Each of us have dramatically different personalities, yet we balance each other wonderfully. These girls challenge, encourage, and love me. We started, barely knowing each other, with the intention on creating a community of believers that shared life. And we are doing just that. We share everything from tears to giggles. We challenge each other with what God is teaching us that week. We pray passionately with and for each other. I just love them so much. This silly paragraph does them, and the God who made them and put them in my life, absolutely no justice whatsoever.


Danielle said...

I understand what you mean, I miss going to church with my family too.

Anonymous said...

I miss you sitting with me!