Monday, March 31, 2008

High and Low Points of the Week

High: Sat/Sunday at various times:
The realization I really like my new job. Kids are so much more fun to work with than adults at times! Though this weekend was very hectic and at times frustrating (psycho parents and a quarrelsome pre-teen who likes to protest by pulling off their ventilator), it was extremely fun and satisfying. It was nice to love on some giggly infants while their parents took a break. Even sick kids need a occasional ride in a little red wagon, a joyous birthday party, or a trip to see the fishies in the big tank! It was nice to hear a heartfelt 'thank you' from some very grateful parents and to receive a drawing from a new little friend. It felt good to know I had a pretty important part of bringing some really sick kids back to health, and that the things that I do or don't do can have a huge impact. Even though I still feel like a complete idiot at least once a day (and a partial one more often), it is wonderful to like nursing again.

Low: The flip side of working where I do
Sad, sad situations. Guilty parents. A poor prognosis. Problems we don't know how to fix. Parents forced to live at the hospital with their dying child because nobody will help them care for her at home. Cancer. Disfigurement. And the list could go on and on.


Robert and Teague said...

I'm so glad you like the PICU! Pediatric nursing truly is rewarding, even in the midst of tragic situations. -Teague

Anonymous said...

How my heart feels yours. You take care of sick kids and try to nurse them back to health. And I try to teach and love kids whose parents hardly do that at times.

It can be so rewarding at times, but so dishearting too.