Monday, March 17, 2008

High and Low Points of the Week

Low Point: I have such a wonderful life right now I can't even think of one. But if I have to put my finger on it....I'd say Sunday morning during the Sunday school lesson I was teaching. The kids were bored and a few older kids spoke the dreaded, "Do we have to?" Tough life, I know.

High Point: Today, of course, because it is my birthday! I mean, what could be better than spending good times with friends and receiving a bazillion phone calls, emails, and packages? I am loved. :-)

Honorable mention: Wednesday night dinner and following. A decent group of us gets together most weeks for Wednesday dinner and worship. For some reason, I was the only girl who could make it this week for the first few hours. Me and a bunch of guy friends hanging out and singing. It was lovely, even if I did have to pull soprano.


Justin said...

And a lovely soprano it was!