Tuesday, March 25, 2008

High and Low Points of the Week: A Day Late

High Point: Easter Sunday, the entire day.

I couldn't sleep. I was too excited, hyper actually, so I got up super early and spent a long time in prayer and study reflecting on what this day symbolizes. At church, the pastor made the announcement that when our facility changes locations, the new name will be Hope Summit Christian Church. I adore the word 'hope' (notice the title of this blog). Easter really is all about hope. If I ever have kids, my daughter has a high likelihood of carrying "Hope" somewhere in her name. The message was great, the worship was powerful, and I was surrounded by so many wonderful people. One of the older ladies who has become a semi-adoptive grandma had me over for lunch with her and her family, which was such a blessing.

Night: Murder Mystery Party in celebration of my birthday!
Almost all of my closest friends gathered to dress up and play an adult version of "Clue", 1920s style, complete with bribes, scheming, and the occassional murder.We were an interesting group of characters, to say the least. 5 of us were ousted by the time the dust settled. After we broke character and laughed till we hurt at different scenes from the event, the night carried on with some quality conversations. My friends are beautiful.

Low Point: Saturday, midday.
A friend called to tell me something that I will admit disappointed me quite a bit. She kept talking, not noticing I was trying to get a few words in and had resorted to just saying her name over and over. Finally, something snapped and I couldn't take it anymore, and I hung up before I realized what I was doing. Immediately appalled at myself, I called her back, kicking myself for being so incredibly immature and for putting a friendship on the line in an instant of anger. Thankfully, she just thought we were disconnected, and didn't think a second thing about it.


Bob said...

The picture is perfect. What a great evening.

I enjoy reading your high and lows. You write very well. It's expressive and fluid.

Jennifer Allen said...

Ooo la la, Sarah, you look amazing!

Anonymous said...

You're birthday bash sounds like it was so much fun! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you! I miss you dear friend.