Monday, April 14, 2008

How do you learn to read?

I don't remember ever NOT being able to read. I have no clue how to help someone who doesn't know how to read learn this all-important skill. At Friendship Place tonight, I was trying to help a non-native English speaker girl with some reading words. I laughed a lot, at her attempts at words and my own inadequacy in helping her. Here's how much of the night went.

(The word is 'always')

Me: Ok, try this one.
Girl: Wise
Me: No, try again.
Girl: Laws
Me: Look closer.
Girl: Wise
Me: Nope.
Girl: Apple
Me: Look at the word, you're not even looking at the word!
Girl: Wise
Me: Nope, you tried that.
Girl: All
Me: Ooo! Close! Keep trying!
Girl: Wise
Me: Always. It is 'always.' (giggles) Good try though.

How do you teach someone to read??


Anonymous said...

You start with the basics. Teaching what sounds "a" makes...all the way through the alphabet. Then you start adding sounds together. "bug" "hug" "mug" using the -ug ending. This helps with the phonemic awareness. This is a very teachery type response! lol. Call me if you need help.

Danielle said...

Cute story :)

Justin said...

Hooked-on-phonics worked for me!

Jennifer said...

I can totally relate...
"Sound it out!"
"You have to look at the word to sound it out."
"Oh, this one's a little tricky..."
thanks to the millions of ways to write any one sound in the English language!