Friday, April 11, 2008

See What God Has Done-The Ladies

I don't know what caused this, but waves of nostalgia have slammed me head-on several times this week. However it happened, I have been reminded over and over again of dear friends from the past and present who have changed my life and taught me countless lessons. If you're going to know me, you have to know these people. Even though some of them I won't talk to for months, they are all soul-mate type of people. Some have hurt me as only those close to you can. But I count myself blessed to have so many people who know me, still love me, and can understand the feelings and dreams with which I struggle to put words. And in my preliminary thoughts about this post, I can already tell it is going to be overwhelming, so consider this incomplete.

I'll start with the person I've probably known the longest.
Mandy, aka Manders, someone who loves life just as much as anyone I know. We both moved to a new school at the beginning of second grade, and we've been best friends since then (except for a time in sixth grade when I was too cool for her. She forgave me for that).

Ashley and Holly, who will go together because I can hardly think of one without thinking of the other. They were my random assigned suite mates freshman year. Ashley has the pure heart of an angel, and Holly has the gift of understanding. I am so proud of both of them.

My life would be incomplete without Pryor 109. That is what Emily, Jenel, Jennifer and I called ourselves, because that was our suite we shared most of the last two years of my college time. We lived together a total of three years, and it was too much fun. I think we can give anyone a run for their money regarding the number of inside jokes one group of friends could share. We even had our own supporting cast (see below). We are all incredibly different, but we made a wonderful concoction when together. Jennifer displays how to love the simple things in life, and how to feel deeply for other people. She's the one mostly responsible for the way my life is headed now. Emily taught me how to always have a song in my heart. Jenel showed me determination and faith in overcoming obstacles. Every late night spent talking till 3am was worth it. These are the girls I can feel complete comfortable in saying, "Hey, you're driving me crazy right now" or "you're making stupid choices." These are the girls I can cry in front of and I can hold them while they cry. We can laugh for hours or sit in silence. I can't believe I live in MN now without them. And I miss them so bad it hurts.

I'll cover Meredith and Rebecca together too because I know they won't mind. We spent a summer together as interns in Honduras, and they both ended up being nurses too. They understand, if not helped create, the burden in my heart for the poor and marginalized in this world. They are both passionate and selfless, and I can't wait to see how this great adventure called life plays out for them.

I may not have known the meaning of grace until I met Amy Grace Greek. She is grace, personified, and aptly lives up to her name. She has a love for people to an extent I have rarely seen.

And nursing school would have been completely different without Jordan. I swear we are cut from the same cloth. She understands....everything. What a talented, creative woman.


Anonymous said...

My heart smiles and it aches about what you wrote about "Pryor 109". I miss you so very much! And I love who you are :)

I hope that you can come to AR! I will be sooo sad if you can't!

emily kathryn said...

Oh, I miss you, Sarah Dill. I miss having my three girls who would listen to me laugh and cry until all hours of the night.

And let me tell you, I truly miss living with girls sometimes (although I would not trade my husband....).

Mandy said...

It means a lot to me that you would count me in this list of ladies. I hope you know I feel the same way about you. I'm proud of you and everything you've become!

Much love!

Jennifer said...

SarahDill, I love you!
And I miss you, too.