Sunday, April 06, 2008

High and Low Points-Liberalized

I am breaking the mold this week. It's Sunday, not my usual Monday update day. And nothing stands out enough from the past week to just pick one high and one low, so I think I'll do as many as I feel like. :-)

-Roughly 20 people crammed into my apartment enjoying pancakes and singing praises
-being a support for a mom as she lamented the prior loss of her husband and the current trauma her son is enduring
-seeing an elderly man's eyes light up when I enter the room and listening as he tells everyone who walks by how I am a princess
-listening to a goosebump-producing lesson about what heaven might be like
-powerful singing in church
-looking at videos and pictures from Honduras and giggling excessively at the funny kids and encouraging stories, wondering in awe at the beautiful creation, being so grateful that good stuff is going on, and feeling so proud of my dear friends who are there
-watching almost the entire Sunday school class play "Snake"
-one-on-one time with beautiful Amy H.
-being chased around the church by one of the cutest kids in Rochester

-having to revive a 4-month old three times in one shift
-looking at videos and pictures from Honduras and aching to be there, intermittently brought to tears by the hopelessness, poverty, and ignorance in between my giggles at the funny kids.
-I was going to put a few more lows, but they all seem petty after those two. I'll just leave it at that.


Amy said...

Thank you, Sarah:) You mean so much to me!

Jennifer said...

One of my highs was I got to meet you :) Boo! I found you through Bob's blog :) Happy Day!