Saturday, February 05, 2011

At 30 Weeks I.....

*have one more prenatal class to attend in the series, plus a breastfeeding and car seat class
*can't sleep well, between the baby moving fanatically and the inability to turn over easily
*finished an art project for the nursery walls (pictures to come)
*have made little to no progress on the knitted baby blanket
*have been busy knitting other things for my other pregnant friends
*am growing in confidence of my body's ability to give birth
*have a healthy level of anxiety about the whole process
*can't eat much at one time, leading me to be hungry very soon afterwards
*have to get a 3am snack on a regular basis
*enjoy playing with the little feet that make a frequent appearance on my belly wall
*am mulling over baby names
*feel the nesting began a long time ago
*enjoy the borrowed maternity wardrobe from the ever-generous Betsy
*wonder how the weeks have gone so fast
*like talking to the baby, wondering out-loud what it is doing, and what it is thinking about what it sees/feels/hears


Linda said...

At 30 weeks you are ........very beautiful! Love you!!!!

Anonymous said...

awww! You look sooo good!