Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Rundown

There was much Christmas-ing last month for me. I went home to TN for a few days to visit the family. The time went quickly, being filled with wedding dress shopping with my mom and sister, visiting with extended family, and gift opening.
The Dill kids

The Man in Charge

The twin separated by 7 seven years

(I was trying to make my dad fall in love with Minnesota at the time via the sweatshirt, though I am not a fan of the place right now. You can't blame me, considering my windshield wipers are stuck to my windshield, my left foot has been white and numb all day, my heat bill cost enough to feed a small family for a month, and my skin hurts. I'm dreaming of the day when I can move to someplace warmer. But I digress.)

After returning to MN, I worked Christmas Eve and Day, but working holidays are much more fun in pediatrics! Santa and the Elves came to visit our patients and families with their sleighful of gifts-twice! Nobody wants their kid to be in the hospital on Christmas, so we do all we can to make it a fun, happy place, and the families responded fantastically by making it great for us holiday workers, too. Mayo provided us with a giant meal, and Bob came over to eat lunch with me. The Blanshans also had their own celebration on Christmas night, and I had my own stocking.

More celebrating occurred with the Dale/Linda Blanshan family limb on New Year's Eve and Day. My mini-slinky gift was a big hit with the soon-to-be nephew (that's a strange thought-I'm going to be an aunt! How fun!), as were someone's gruesome teeth.


me said...

Heehee, the teeth were my contribution... :)