Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sometimes in life, there are no words. But, alas, I will try to use words (and the occasional picture) to convey what has transpired over the last several weeks.

Bob has always been a romantic and has always doted on me, surprising me from time to time with sweet, thoughtful gifts and actions. However, a while back, he stated he wanted the next few weeks to be "spectacular," and they most surely have been.

It started with random little gifts, usually left in curious places for me to find,

like this homemade book full of things he likes about me on every page.

Or this "Dating Survival Kit" filled with items relating to our many inside jokes.

Next came "a dozen I-love-yous", which were in the form of little yarn flowers specially made by a nursing home resident he works with. These were scattered all around my house for me to find after a long day of work, some attached to little cards with messages.

The day before I was to leave town for a conference, he gave me a journal in which to keep notes on all the little things I'd want to tell him when I got back. On the front of the journal, he wrote, "This journal belongs to Sarah Dill. This girl belongs to Bob Blanshan."

While I was out of town for four days, I was not to be forgotten. He made arrangements with my best friend Amy to give me little notes from him, one in the morning and one in the evening. They were the cheesiest, cutest things you can imagine, and they made me laugh and feel extra special.

The following days brought more cards and special attention. On Tuesday, he left a bottle of wine, some love songs on cds, and a "to-do" list for me to find. The to-do list was for Wednesday, and it included things such as placing the wine in the refrigerator, dreaming of tall, sappy guys, picking out something formal to wear for the evening, and being ready to go when he came at 6:15pm to take me to dinner.

I'm pretty good at following directions, so I did as I was told and waited for a tall, sappy guy to appear.


Sarah Dill said...
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Bob said...

This blog is mushy.

Brittany Bankhead-Kendall said...

goodness!!!! how precious! if i didn't know any better i'd say an engagement was soon to follow!

me said...

Mushy is an understatement! I never knew he had it in him... :)

All in a Day said...

Congratulations! So excited for both of you...

Ang said...

How sweet!! I am so happy for the two of you.

Anonymous said...

Aww! You got a great guy and he got a wonderful girl! I'm soooo happy for you my friend! I miss you so very much!

Who? Oldest of six said...