Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Today I hit a chipmunk.....with my bike. Let me paint the picture for you.

I was cruising on my bike for the second time this season. It could not have been a more gorgeous day--70 degrees, sunny, a few white puffy clouds in the sky. I'm riding on a bike path parallel to a road, soaking up the beautifulness. Then, I notice this chipmunk start to run across the street, in front of traffic. I think, "Oh, no! I'm about to watch this little guy get hit! I might get splattered!"

But alas, the chipmunk makes it safely across after skillfully dodging through menacing tires from the passing cars. In his haste to get away from danger, the frantic little chipmunk kept running. Unfortunately, despite my swerving into the grass, he ran right into my wheel. The chipmunk went airborne, almost brushing my ear. I screamed. Screamed like a little girl.

I scream even when I hit small animals in my car, where I have no chance of bodily coming into contact it the injured animal. You should have heard me on my bike.

The chipmunk landed back on the same side where he went flying, then scurried across to the other side of the path. I guess he'll make it. I almost didn't.

After I finished screaming my signature high-pitched scream, I thought about how funny that must have looked to passersby. It is spring in Minnesota-EVERYONE is on the sidewalks. So I laughed at myself. Laughed like a schizophrenic who just opened a new 64-pack of crayons.
I bet that was pretty funny looking too.

Later, I was dive-bombed by two crows. I don't know what the animal kingdom has against me today. Be careful out there, folks.


Nathan said...

what a story!