Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I stole this idea

What's on my desk:
-Admission packet to grad school
-APA manual
-a Mother Teresa biography
-random alcohol swabs
-my paper on preventing medical errors

What's in my fridge
-frozen fruit for smoothies
-peanut satay sauce
-chick peas

What's on my floor
-my running shoes
-dirty and clean clothes
-scarves I made for an orphanage

What's on my mind
-going to see the frimily (i.e. friends who've become like family) in Searcy
-my upcoming trips to Dallas and Honduras
-my family's trip to come see me
-Rwanda and the Rwanda 08 team
-joining a committee at work and if I want to transfer units to get a different experience
-finishing my papers on medical errors and dehydration/cholera
-finding a new apartment for when Amy leaves


Amy said...

Oh, Amy's leaving? That makes me sad:( The chipmunk story is a good one, by the way!

Nathan said...

"Frimily" I like that word, are you going to Honduras again?