Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I stole this idea from Kate's website.....so, thanks, Kate!

Top things I love about Minnesota

-The abundance of things to do outside and the fact that people actually do them
-The diversity of race, religions, backgrounds
-Bike trails and sidewalks
-"Ooftah!" (possibily spelled "uff-da", I'm not sure)
-The realization that most people think my Southern accent is cute
-Their Minnesotan accent
-Seemingly high standards of education
-Chipmunks, black squirrels, and shrews
-The friendliness of people
-The nearness of the Mall of America
-The uniqueness of the Mayo Clinic
-Caribou Coffee
-Walk-up Dairy Queens (that is, from March-October)

Things I miss from Tennessee/Arkansas
-Good barbeque and cornbread
-Really knowing people
-being with my grandma as she prepares to go home
-singing with fellow believers
-Pryor 109 and all associated
-Knowing exactly how to get places when I'm driving
-People knowing who I am
-Being in closer proximity with the rest of the U.S.
-Dropping in to Johnny's office


Anonymous said...

I miss the other half of pryor 109. But soon I shall see you! :)

Nathan said...

I love my lips

Kate said...

i love those "rah rah rochester" commercials!

and better hurry up on getting that dairy queen, sarah...it's almost closing time!