Wednesday, November 30, 2011

At seven months you...

*have four teeth
*love to eat solids, if it doesn't include green things
*chatter and sing constantly
*can support your standing weight once helped up
*like to knock down your daddy's block towers as fast as he puts them up
*can give high fives
*like animal sounds
*are mobile around the house in your walker, following people to different rooms and seeing what you can reach
*enjoy books and toys
*understand "no", but don't always choose to follow the instruction


Anonymous said...

She's so precious! I can't believe that she's able to stand already!

All in a Day said...

Such a cutie...her hair is getting long!

Amy said...

Mark's wondering what his chances are with Bethel. He thinks she's awful cute...well, I'm not sure if it's her or the elephant that he likes. Would they come as a package?