Wednesday, May 04, 2011

At one week you.....

*have the softest skin and hair
*kick your way out of a swaddle as soon as you can
*are getting better about falling asleep on your own
*nurse like a champ
*do not like having a dirty diaper at all
*like it when your daddy sings to you
*like getting your hair washed
*give lots of little smiles and oh-so-cute facial expressions
*stretch quite often
*like being skin to skin
*have impressive neck strength
*like kicking your socks off
*do a really good impression of a tree frog
*will break your momma's heart if you get any cuter


Abbi said...

She is so sweet!

Amy said...

These things make me very happy! I love the picture too!

Anonymous said...

She is the sweetest baby! I love the elephant!