Friday, April 22, 2011

At almost 41 weeks

*am not surprised at all I am past my due date
*am a little sad the baby wasn't born on my mom's birthday
*feel pretty good
*am a tad tired of people saying "no baby yet?!"
*took today off work and am not going back
*will be induced next week if baby doesn't appear before then
*don't really waddle, but have more of a slow saunter :-)
*get random contractions, but nothing sustained or particularly strong
*finished the nursery except for hanging one mirror
*wonder how I'll do through labor
*got to see some of the baby again on ultrasound today
*get a slight kick out of making Bob really nervous every time I call him
*wonder what kind of personality "Wiggly" has
*really hope this is the last pregnancy picture


Martha said...

Yeah, Those no baby yet comments are pretty much the worst part about the last month of pregnancy.
Hope all goes wonderful for you. Looking forward to seeing baby pictures on here. :)

kentbrantly said...

Good luck, Sarah Blanshan! And congratulations! Parenthood is an adventure!

All in a Day said...

The baby will come when it's good and ready. :)