Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am one blessed gal

Yesterday I was the fortunate recepient of one of the most fun baby showers that ever has been.

It was Dr. Seuss themed.  I love Dr. Seuss.

Guests got to sign the handmade guest book, guess how many inches around my belly is (37.5 if you're curious), and play a Dr. Seuss finish-that-line game.  Everyone had a great time, and most decided that they actually did like green eggs and ham.  Everyone got to decorate a white onesie using fabric markers, and there were some really cute results.  The afternoon was topped off by words of wisdom shared by Great-Grandma June Blanshan, with a few bonus tidbits of advice thrown in by other moms.

A few highlights from what Great-Grandma shared as she prepares to welcome her 23rd great-grandchild (whom she also blessed with a sweet quilt pictured below):
*Love your children.  Hug them.
*Don't compare your kids to someone else's, or to their own siblings.  Each is different and special.
*Sing to your children.
*Your children will react to things the way you do.
*Write things down: important days, funny things they say, etc.  You think  you will remember, but you won't as time goes 
*Teach them all about God-your most important job.

Babe-B racked up in the gift department.
Special thanks to the Blanshans: Linda, Jessica, Betsy, Carrie, Polly, and Peggy for making me feel so loved!
Thanks to everyone who came!


Amy said...

How fun! I just found several of the best Dr. Seuss books at Goodwill:) The onesie idea is great!