Sunday, September 05, 2010

Many, Many Gifts

171.  The love of my life
172.  His self-sacrificing, gentle nature
173.  The way he brings me food to eat
174.  The way he does the dishes when my stomach just can't handle it
175.  The way he puts straws in my drinks
176.  How he was so excited when I told him the news
177.  How he's comforted me in my times of queasiness
178.  How he can't wait to share the news
179.  The amazing miracle of new life
180.  Supportive families
181.  Ritz crackers
182.  Sprite
183.  Goldfish crackers
184.  Milkshakes
185.  The blessing of carrying a child


All in a Day said...

Congratulations, Sarah and Bob!!!!! :)

Emily said...

Congratulations!! I hope you feel less quesy soon! And I hope you can still make it to Jackpine....bring an extra sleeping pad! ;)

Anna said...

Well that is very exciting!

Keren Ruth said...

Very cool! Congratulations!

Mandy said...

Yay! Super happy for you guys! Much love!!