Monday, May 10, 2010

Trip to TN

I'm terribly behind on posting.  Here is my best shot to catch up to speed....

I went to TN for two weeks.  It made me happy to be there. 
You see, home is where the waitress wears overalls and asks if I want "lemon with my cat" when I order a plate of fried catfish.  It's where every soft drink is called Coke, and pop is what a weasel does, not something you drink.  It's where you walk into the church and the staff knows you and has been waiting for you to come and talk with them for hours.  It's where people bring food every few nights 'cause they know your momma is sick. 
It's where little cousins come to play with the very life-like turkey decoy.  It's where the hummingbirds drink sugar water and golden finches eat seed.  It's where teachers proudly wear purple on April 21st for your mom and give hundreds of homemade birthday cards from the students. It's where you stay up till 2am with your bestest after watching twenty people over the age of fifty free jam some bluegrass.  It's where the oncologist says healing is up the good Lord and not her.  It's where you meet your aunt and uncle in the parking lot of a grocercy store to give you a container homemade pimento cheese and where homemade peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream are staples. 

You see, it's just home.