Thursday, August 06, 2009

Washington Weekend Adventure

I'm always looking for a good excuse to get on a plane and see what adventures wait for me on the other side of the runway, though this time I was not excited about leaving my weekend-working husband behind. Even so when BenFriend (explanation-he's called BenFriend because we were such good friends in college that everyone thought he was my boyfriend, but we were just friends) told me he was getting married in Washington State, I knew I was going to be there.

It was extremely fun and convenient that one of my best friends and her husband just moved to Seattle in June. So I had a place to stay and people to hang out with while waiting for the wedding festivities.
Amy and Matt picked me up from the airport of Friday, and we took the ferry across the Puget Sound, then continued driving up to NW Washington. We found some pretty things on our way there.

We stayed at a real home-style bed and breakfast, complete with llamas, hummingbirds, and a home cooked sprawling breakfast, all for $50 for the three of us.

We went up north to see the temperate rain forest Washington has, where more than 12 feet of rain falls each year.

We stopped at Ruby Beach on the way back to say hi to the Pacific Ocean and marvel at the huge amount of driftwood, smooth as glass by the battering of the sea.
We found this delightful waterfall on a detour looking for the "world's largest spruce tree".
And after passing it twice, we finally found the mammoth tree.
On Sunday, the wedding was beautiful, going off with only one hitch.

I caught a red-eye flight back to the Midwest and was more than happy to see my wonderful husband waiting for me at 6am at the airport. A lovely weekend, but there's no place like home.


Jennifer said...

What was the hitch? I love her bridesmaids dresses!

Sarah Blanshan said...

Ben and Larissa got hitched. Quite possibly the oldest joke in the book, Jenn. :-)

Mandy said...

I've never heard that joke, so when I read it, I thought you were very clever. haha. Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

Amy said...

Hey! It was great to have you here! You took some nice pictures! I haven't uploaded mine yet, but, guess what, I just blogged for the first time since...May! If I keep going, I'll turn this into a regular email, so I won't do that:)