Saturday, May 23, 2009


In a slow room at work, and I'm running out of computer based things to do.

So I'll ramble.

Today marks three weeks until my wedding. In the middle of the controlled chaos of the prep work, I've found myself in a reflective mood from time to time.

First off, it seems strange beyond words that I'm actually getting married. That is just weird.

I don't think I ever was one of those girls who dreamed and schemed about the type of guy they would marry. There was a few years where I didn't know if I would get married. I never thought about what he would look like, what color his eyes would be, all that girly stuff.

But I do know I didn't expect to marry someone so different from me. I never pictured him a home schooler from MN. Not that I have anything against homeschoolers, I think it is great for some people, maybe even my kids one day. But it was never an option nor an interest in my own home, and homeschoolers always had a greater potential to be weird in my mind for many years. As did people from big families. And the MN thing? I didn't even know where MN was for sure until my junior year in college when I applied for an internship here. And now I've lived here 3 years and say my O's funny and eat lefsa. When did that happen? Now no matter when we go next, we'll always be tied to this strange place.

I didn't expect to marry someone who knew more about Abbott and Costello than baseball or football. It never occurred to me he'd be SO tall. :-)

I'm not surprised we met at church. I like that. I'm not surprised he wants to be a minister. I'm not surprised that he's happy with PB&J, and me in no makeup, because I really couldn't handle a high maintenence guy.

I never imagined what type of wedding I'd have either. Though I did think to myself, "I'd really like to get married here" the first time I saw the Cradic's little farm, I never debated outdoor-vs-church wedding when I was growing up. It just never occurred to me to plan these things. I was probably out playing basketball or digging up stuff out of the yard instead of playing princess. It was incredibly difficult when I started shopping for wedding related stuff, and salespeople would say, "Well, what kind of wedding do you want? What's your look? What do you want??" And I would just blankly stare back at them and say, "I don't know, I've never thought about it before." I'm the type of customer they hate.

The roommates moved out last week and we've been moving Bob's stuff in, setting up house, planning out rooms. It strikes me as funny to do that sort of thing with someone. I play well with others, but I've been so incredibly independent for so long it is odd to think of things as "our house", "our dishes", "our lawnmower." It has been SO fun though, and we've both had a blast getting things set up like we want it so we can come back from our honeymoon to a furnished, comfy house. I can't wait to hang up the Welcome to the Blanshans', Est. 2009 sign I made him for Christmas.

I suppose that is more than enough. Surely there is something else I can cross off my to-do list while stuck in a patient room.


Mandy said...

I *completely* understand! People would ask me the same questions, and I would say, "I don't know ... What are you supposed to do? I've never gotten married before."

I've been thinking of you a lot lately. I am really excited. Your day is going to be perfect, and I wish it worked out so that I could be there. But know that you and Bob are in my thoughts and prayers, and I love you!

Polly Blanshan said...

One week. =)