Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pretty darn cute

Older couple in Mayo Clinic Atrium


Ang said...

that is cute. thanks for sharing.

Polly Blanshan said...

Love it! =D

Linda said...

What happened to your last post? It was very good and gave me a different perception of the OT.

Kaylene said...

Hi Sarah!
I don't think I've ever actually commented before, but I thought I would leave record of my visit this time. I've enjoyed reading your blog for quite awhile. I know Amy Harris so I hop over here from her blog.

Ah, thats a nice feeling. I no long have 'stalker' status :)


Jennifer said...

I LOVE IT! So fun! One day that will be you. When you go back to visit. After you've been gone a long time. =)