Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not so good day

I **hate**
  • being cold
  • falling on the ice and getting soaked unilaterally from head to toe
  • sitting through lectures that don't interest me at all
  • having my options narrowed not by my own choice
  • midterm guides that just list the topics we have studied with no further guidance
  • doing things solely out of obligation with no passion
  • not having enough time for sleep
  • not having enough energy to run far at all
  • cancer, abuse, drugs, and poverty
  • that I've become fairly dependent on coffee
  • that I don't have time to catch up adequately with friends
  • being pessimistic and in a bad mood
It's time for this day to be over.


emily kathryn said...

You're in luck! It's now tomorrow and it will be a different day. :)

Nathan Holland said...

It's time to update this thing! How are things going SarahDill?