Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Silly, Serious Poem

I’m tired of being a yo-yo.
Will I ever come down to rest?
My life is filled with motion, yes, I even crave it.
Can’t I be like a knick-knack that sits on a bookshelf?
Maybe a joyful little figurine, complete with peaceful face and relaxed pose?
But no, up and down I go, a ball of twisting, spinning string
Switching directions with the twist of an unseen wrist
Emotions gliding every which way
Yet if the turmoil ever stops and the tension is released
The whole thing comes undone.

I feel like a yo-yo.
One minute I am revolving beautifully, smoothly
Living the life I want to, feeling fulfilled, gratified, loved.
The next minute, I am a tangled mess of passions
Despair, loneliness, confusion, doubt, regret.
There is no predictable moment when these will arise,
No law of physics to tell when the string will get jumbled,
When my life knots upon itself and the fun ends.

So here I go, twisting and turning, up and down,
Never knowing when
Or if
This will stop.


Amy said...

Did you write this poem? Wow! It says a lot. I feel the same way right now.