Friday, January 26, 2007

For those of you who wondered....

This is what I've been up to lately.....

Being amazed at coldness

Watching a best friend
get married

Helping the sister move

Hanging with the Honduran interns

That's all I've got pictures of. More stuff: surprising the family with a visit, hanging out with friends, going to church, repairing my car, starting classes, cooking, and working. But mostly praying and researching about some future opportunities and decisions. That's life in a nutshell for me.

Some things I've learned recently:
-how to knit
-people in handcuffs can still spit on you
-friends can offer priceless words of encoouragement
-friends can also offer priceless words of wisdom
-what a -30 degree windchill feels like
-that I'm pretty well acclimated to MN
-just because it's not your fault doesn't mean you don't get yelled at
-I really do like kids
-I don't really want to work in an American hospital much longer
-I've got a lot to learn about loving people (see next blog)


Nathan said...

so, why did someone with handcuffs spit on you?

Amy said...

Yes, Sarah, tell them what you were trying to shove down his nose!!!

Kate said...

hehe, did you have to put an NGT down rm 251's nose too? you should've heard what he called me when i was doing it!

Kate said...

also, i made home-made sushi and i'm going to knit tonight! wanna come over?

p.s. the sushi is reallllly good, made it with fake crab, your favorite!